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This issue gathers a fantastic line-up of forward-thinking experts that bring key insights into new topics from materials to metal AM and post-processing.

First and foremost, the “Dossier” highlights Composite 3D printing. To understand the value proposition of such niche technology, we asked ourselves two main questions: What explains the host of new opportunities for the composites industry? More importantly, what drives this market segment? SABIC and Anisoprint shared their expertise in this topic. (PP-6-10).

EVENT: our minds are currently focused on Formnext Connect. What can we expect from the global virtual gathering and most importantly, how should AM companies prepare for it? Sascha F. Wenzler, Vice President of Formnext, helps both exhibitors and visitors to prepare the event. (PP 11-15).

A quick Google search for “additive manufacturing/3D printing & Consultancy” reveals hundreds of companies that provide their expertise to companies that are willing to take the right first steps into additive manufacturing. These consultancy firms are either independent or are part of well-established companies. Given the intriguing and sometimes complex nature of additive manufacturing technologies, all these companies certainly have their place on the market. However, while most of them usually operate in their region, very few actually manage to have a seat on the international stage as AMPOWER does. The company is our guest in the INTERVIEW segment. (PP 18-20).

Metal AM Segment: What does “openness” truly mean in a metal AM system?

How can operators access knowledge about additive manufacturing processes? How can they address the limitations in terms of materials and achieve more applications? How can they have greater control over the manufacturing process? For a niche of experts on the AM market, the answer to these questions is to: “rely on open additive manufacturing platforms”. Dyndrite and Open Additive helped us discuss this topic of the Metal AM segment. (PP 22-25)

The Materials segment sheds light on “the use of Inconel 718 in Additive Manufacturing”.

Among the wide range of applications that Additive Manufacturing allows, a key interest is devoted to processing superalloys for aerospace, automotive and even nuclear; industries in a nutshell, that require outstanding combination of superior mechanical properties and wear resistance. In this context, Inconel 718 receives increasing interest. (PP 26-28).

Post-Processing:  From eBikes to automated post-processing of SLS 3D Printed Parts: the story of PULVERMEISTER

Solutions to industry challenges usually come from unexpected experiences. To eliminate the speed restriction of 25 km/h for electric bikes, Luigi Monaco came up with an ingenious idea: contactless chip tuning but this idea led to the launch of another company: PULVERMEISTER. (PP 30-32)GUEST Column: The “new normal” of flexible and decentralized production – From uncertain times to new business opportunities, Filipe Coutinho fromKörber Supply Chain shared the key lessons he learned from the sanitary crisis. (PP 34-37)


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