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NEW SEGMENT**: “The Country Focus”

As 3D ADEPT Media is one of the leading media globally of the industry, it partners with the most important additive manufacturing events in several countries. Given that reality, last year, we received several calls from different country managers of additive manufacturing companies who wanted to have our view on AM in specific markets.

In that regard, I recently had a conversation with the Global Marketing Manager of a company and it has been the straw that broke the camel’s back: why not share this view with everyone?

This issue of 3D ADEPT Mag therefore marks the beginning of the “Country Focus” as a new segment of our magazine. The Country Focus aims to provide a content that will help both international (and national) companies to take a leap into a new market. It will provide a state of the art of a country as well as different business approaches applied in a given country that will help decision-makers to explore prospects for developments for their company.

As charity begins at home, we kick off this new segment of our additive manufacturing magazine with Belgium. What are the opportunities for companies in this market? What are its weaknesses and its strengths? The Country Focus will provide key insights into this market.

Delve in, and please, share any feedback that might help us deliver the content that you deserve, with regards to this new segment – and obviously, any other segments.

In the editorial of this issue.

In this issue…

  • Dossier: Costs and Considerations to invest in an additive manufacturing system – With contributions from SLM Solutions.

 Pure Copper & Additive Manufacturing – With contributions from FARSOON Technologies, Elementum 3D, Optomec, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and The Virtual Foundry.

  • Country Focus: Belgium– In collaboration with AGORIA.
  • CAD on Mobile Devices: their impact in manufacturing – With the participation of Morphi & Siemens
  • Is FDM 3D Printing (still) a good choice for professionals? – With contributions from AON3D & INTAMSYS
  • BigRep: Where is the company headed?
  • Martin Back, Managing Director, takes the floor a few months after ex-ceo Beyer’s resignation & loss of Founder René Gurka
  • EVENT:Key Takeaways from the 3D Dental Printing Session held by Jakajima
  • News Roundup:What happened in the industry during the last two months?

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