CHU Rennes: 3D Printing saves yet another patient’s life

Time and time again, doctors are putting 3D prosthesis printing to use in their surgical interventions. Couple of months ago, Belfast has used additive manufacturing to carry out a transplant which was quite complex. And now, as of last Monday, at the CHU de Rennes hospital, a 28-year-old patient underwent a total hip recovery.

In medical terms, it is a matter of simply replacing the prosthesis which had been already inserted the first time without truthfully achieving the expected resulted.

Cette prothèse en titane a été conçue sur une imprimante 3D high tech. @Marc Ollivier/Ouest-France

8000 EUR prostheses in the body of a patient

The prosthesis was fabricated with the use of 3D printing, which is generally used in the aeronautics and space industry. Made of titanium, the prosthesis has integrated a biocompatible metal which is particularly resistant.

There is a great deal of preparatory work” as explained by professor Denis Huten who is also an orthopedist surgeon. “Well before the operation, we have carried out a series of scans of the hip of the patient. The images were then sent to a company who specializes in the 3D printing of the hip, and most importantly, the prosthesis.”

L’opération a été particulièrement étudiée en amont. @Marc Ollivier/Ouest-France

Within the scope of this operation as well, the doctors affirm that it was possible to prepare everything in advance. They could precisely determine their actions within the operating room: how and when will to remove the bone mass for the prosthesis to be well situated, check the angles of insertion, etc…

However, one must note that in regards to finance, medical insurance does not take charge of this type of prosthesis. Therefore, the hospital takes on the costs allied with it.

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