CADS Additive & ModuleWorks to enhance time-to-print for a wide range of additive manufacturing processes

Integrated toolpath technology supports automated data preparation of complex geometries* | French: La technologie intégrée des parcours d'outils prend en charge la préparation automatisée des données de géométries complexes*.

Developer of data preparation software for metal additive manufacturing, CADS Additive, is partnering with ModuleWorks to enhance time-to-print for a wide range of additive manufacturing processes.

Known as a supplier of CAD/CAM software components, ModuleWorks develops toolpath calculation algorithms that can be integrated into dedicated software solutions.

In this specific case, CADS Additive will integrate these tool path calculation algorithms into its AM Studio solution. The AM Studio solution would accelerate data preparation for additive manufacturing by facilitating the identification of the optimal part orientation, the correct support geometry and the optimal process parameters for each job. A proprietary slicing and hatching kernel supports this feature for SLM applications.

It should be noted that CADS Additive has been focusing the development of its solution for metal 3D printing. Today, the company aims to enable users of other AM processes leverage its solution hence the integration of the ModuleWorks toolpath calculation software into AM Studio.  

The rapid development of the additive market has revealed the need for dedicated specialists such as CADS Additive with expertise in the entire value chain”, says Lothar Glasmacher, Head of Additive & Process Technologies at ModuleWorks. “Partnering with CADS Additive enables resources to be pooled that help manufacturers develop, implement and automate their additive production processes.”

We do know from a press communication that the ModuleWorks calculation core automatically generates collision-free toolpaths for 5-axis and 3+2-axis 3D printing, including robotic and hybrid applications. Remember the recent partnership of the company with Robotized to provide robot-assisted additive manufacturing?

According to ModuleWorks, the intelligent algorithms require minimum operator intervention, which complements and supports the AM Studio strategy of simplifying and accelerating the data preparation process.

Amongst others, ModuleWorks toolpath components for Powder Bed Fusion are already integrated for OEM legacy applications and the two companies are extending their cooperation to enhance AM Studio with automated workflows for further additive and hybrid processes, including support for multi-axis FDM and WAAM processes.

ModuleWorks’ algorithms and years of experience in 5-axis toolpath generation are outstanding”, says Wolfgang Höller, CEO at CADS Additive. “Incorporating ModuleWorks technology enables our software products to extend the technology focus from Powder Bed Fusion to G-code based AM applications almost immediately.”

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