AP&C to provide metal AM Specialist Titomic with titanium powders

Additive manufacturing companies AP&C and Titomic announced a double collaboration yesterday. The company of GE Additive will supply the Australian manufacturer with Titanium Ti6Al4V powder.

In addition to the supply agreement, both companies sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that consists for both partners in working together to develop Titanium and Titanium alloy powders for use in the manufacturer’s Kinetic Fusion additive manufacturing systems.

These new materials will enable Titomic to supply its services to various manufacturing industries across the world.

AP&C specializes in spherical metal powder production designed for all additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and its core business is Titanium.  At Formnext 2018, AP&C CEO Alain Dupont told 3D ADEPT thata lot of customers often ask to do the same things and the materials they request the most, are titanium and aluminium. This can be understandable to the extent that the most demanding sectors of the industry are healthcare, aerospace and automotive.”

An assertion that we have had the opportunity to confirm several times throughout this year’s announcements including in today’s announcement. Indeed, both partners aim to deliver secure global supply of aerospace grade Titanium Ti6Al4V powders for clients in the defence and aerospace Industries.

As a reminder, Titomic’s patented processproduces load-bearing 3D forms from fusing metallic powder feedstock sprayed at supersonic speeds.” Due to its 6-axis robot arm, the process sprays titanium powder particles onto a scaffold at supersonic speeds of around 1 km/s.

The three main aspects of this MoU are therefore defined as follows:

  • The development of industry standards for the storage and safe handling of Titanium and Titanium alloy powders;
  • The development of custom-made homogenization powder systems for Titanium and Titanium alloy powders for use in TKF AM manufacturing systems;
  • The optimization of coarse (50um – 150um) Titanium and Titanium Alloy powders for use in TKF AM manufacturing systems with the aim of significantly reducing the cost of TKF manufactured products.

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