“Akkuschrauberrennen”, the 3D printed car race of Germany

Every year in Germany, Akkuschrauberrennen brings together teams from different universities of the country around a car race. Since the first edition in June 2003, one of the main requirements to take part in this event is that each team must design and build its race vehicle. It allows students to develop their talent and put forward their creations.

The criteria of these vehicles are set up by the organizers of the event. In 2016 for instance, HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim (HAWK Hochschule), the host university, required that at least one of the vehicles of each team should be printed in 3D.

The integration of this innovative manufacturing method allowed teams to offer vehicles with a very specific design. The eponymous vehicle of the TOXIC team was the star of the event in 2016.

Made up of 5 students from the University Of Applied Sciences Of Coburg (Hochschule Coburg) they were inspired by the forms of a scorpion.

The vehicle is equipped with a triangular structure which is completely printed in 3D. It increases its resistance without really increasing its weight. In addition, TOXIC is powered by a cordless electric drill and a battery.

The Toxic team made second place during the 2016 races.

With regards to the integration of 3D printing into the design criteria of vehicles taking part in this event, students best gain skills of this innovative manufacturing method.

We can therefore expect vehicles with more attractive design during the next edition of the Akkuschrauberrennen.