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Priced at P12,000 and available on September 1, the new 4DFWD benefits from an analysis of 18 years of real-world athlete data

For the umpteenth time, adidas and DLS 3D printing company Carbon worked together to develop a new collection of 4DFWD. Described as the most advanced running shoe of the iconic brand, the 4DFWD is designed to move runners in one direction only: forward.

Developed with a 4D lattice midsole technology, both partners developed a limited quantity of these shoes last year. Given the extensive product development that these shoes requires, our guess is that it will still be available in limited quantities, for athletes or those who can afford to purchase them.

However, it’s worth mentioning that adidas evaluated over five million variations of the lattice structure and combined 18 years of real-world athlete performance data to identify a design that would change the game for runners around the world, making the impossible quest of creating the most technologically advanced running shoe yet a reality.

 Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis enables the creation of a precisely fine-tuned midsole that provides a scientifically proven forward motion benefit.

At adidas, we’re always looking at the ways technology and data can intersect to create the best possible products for our runners. With the new 4DFWD, we made the impossible possible, challenging the laws of science by using a unique performance benefit designed to move you forward. With every stride, the midsole of the adidas 4DFWD turns vertical impact into horizontal forward motion for an unstoppable smooth forward transition and new underfoot experience throughout the run”, Charlotte Heidmann, Product Manager at Adidas explains.

The new 4DFWD features:

  • Continental™ Outsole Introduced: A new Continental™ outsole provides extra grip for a confident run in any weather condition
  • All-New Primeknit+ & Engineered Mesh Upper:  An all-new Primeknit+ and engineered mesh upper construction has been introduced for an extra-supportive and snug fit. Complemented by a new integrated heel counter, Primeknit+ offers a sock-like fit whilst areas of engineered mesh provide support exactly where runners need it most.
  • Unrivalled Comfort: The 4DFWD midsole delivers 23% more cushioning than previous 4D midsole generations (the 4D Run 1.0) 

Anette (Peko) Hosoi, Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said, “When humans run, our forward motion is interrupted every time our foot hits the ground leading to a subtle stop-start motion between strides. This is true for all runners- no matter your ability. At the MIT Sports Lab, we are developing innovative technologies that offer a direct solution for overcoming that intrinsic challenge. And the new 4DFWD does just that.”

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