VISAGES® debuts in the optical industry, with eyewear services that blend 3D printing and AI

French company VISAGES® is the latest newcomer in the optical industry. It provides brands with a new economic model that relies on on-demand production with Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company also directly targets end-users who would like to have a tailor-made product.

Credit: VISAGES®

At the heart of its production services, one finds the fabrication of eyewear – which may explain the name given to this company (a French word that means “faces” in English).

“Many of us have experienced the discomfort of ill-fitting glasses: pressure on the nose bridge, pain behind the ears, and the frustration of glasses slipping or leaving unsightly marks on the temples. Worse still, poorly adjusted glasses can damage vision over time.

 With VISAGES®, customers can now fully customize their eyewear, from design and texture to engraving, providing an immersive experience with a selection of premium brands and designers. The result is a unique pair of glasses, perfectly tailored to the individual’s face shape, ensuring unparalleled comfort and optimal vision quality,” the company says.

Technologies used

Credit: VISAGES®

Using a smartphone scan to capture and analyze all facial measurements, VISAGES®’s proprietary AI solution creates custom frames with medical precision, accurate to 1/10th of a millimeter.

According to the company, its facial scan technology collects essential measurements, including pupillary height, allowing for the remote ordering of corrective and progressive lenses with a perfect fit.

While no information is shared about the AM process used, it should be noted that a variety of processes are being used by optical companies right now – including laser powder bed fusion, SLS or Multi-Jet Fusion.

While the optical market is saturated with standardized products and a value chain obscured by mass production, VISAGES® debuts on a market where AM has already proven its worth.

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