ValCUN achieves important milestone, unveils its Minerva 3D printer and printhead at Formnext 2023

One always remembers the first time we do something new. For a machine manufacturer, the very first sale is proof that their product has gone beyond the MVP stage to enable potential real-world applications. This feeling of pride is the one metal 3D printing startup ValCUn feels right now as it recently sold its first Minerva 3D printer to research center Sirris. Remember, it was just in April 2023, that they announced their intriguing technology was available for commercialization.

As a reminder, in a conversation with 3D ADEPT Media, Jan De Pauw, CTO & Co-founder of ValCUN explained that their 3D printer is based on a technology called molten metal deposition (MMD). Simply put, the single-step metal deposition process uses readily available off-the-shelf metal wire as feedstock, to ensure “user-friendly operation and rapid implementation resulting in cost reduction 75% to more than 90% compared to other metal AM technologies.” By using molten metals, the process reduces waste and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals or powders.It also requires a straight-forward post-processing (no need for de-binding, sintering, powder removal or HIP), and opens up new horizons for industrial applications ranging from structural components to heat exchangers and manifolds.

ValCUN at Formnext 2023

ValCUN – Minerva 3D printer

ValCUn chose Formnext to show the AM world its Minerva 3D printer. The machine will be showcased along with the Minerva Print Head.  

The Minerva Print Head enhances the user’s flexibility and freedom to operate. The printhead can be implemented on robotic arms, gantry systems, in production facilities or in-line with other fabrication technologies, the company explains. 

Jonas Galle, Co-Founder and CEO of ValCUN, is excited about the event, “The Minerva Printer, the Minerva Print Head and our beautiful printed parts are the highlight of our innovation journey. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, deployable, environmentally friendly metal printing solutions and we invite Formnext 2023 attendees to visit our booth, witness these disruptive innovations firsthand and explore their transformative potential for various industries.”

Those interested in seeing ValCUN’s metal 3D printing solutions can meet the company in Hall 12.0, booth E32, at Formnext. 

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