The Method series 3D printers are now compatible with UltiMaker Cura

Credit: UltiMaker

Desktop 3D printing company UltiMaker has recently announced the compatibility of the Method series 3D printers with 3D printing software UltiMaker Cura. This integration is a logical step given the merger of Ultimaker and MakerBot. It provides Method X and Method XL 3D printer users with seamless access to the full suite of Cura features.

The integration also occurs on the heels of the latest Cura 5.6 beta release. This means that users can now find new print profiles for the Method X and Method XL 3D printers as well as new material profiles for ABS-R, ABS-CF (Carbon Fiber), and RapidRinse™.

UltiMaker assures that these profiles are as professionally tuned and extensively tested as the profiles for the S series 3D printers and materials, ensuring that Method users get the same level of experience as S series users. Method users can leverage the power of Cura, which has over 600 settings, for complete 3D printing flexibility. With regular updates to add new features, like tree supports and the Arachne slicing engine, Cura continuously provides users with the latest capabilities to enable 3D printing success.

UtiMaker Cura – Credit UltiMaker

As a reminder, the Method series was created to enable manufacturing applications, from prototyping and tooling to end-use parts.

Read more about the latest developments of Method here.

The latest in the Method series is the Method XL which comes with a bigger volume and the ability to deliver manufacturing-grade ABS.

The Method platform has been fantastic for us. We were one of the first users of Method, so going to Method XL was a seamless transition,” said Marco Perry, Cofounder, partner, and engineering director at PENSA and PENSA Labs. “When we prototype parts, we’ll use ABS. It’s the perfect balance of materials properties like durability, strength, and part reliability. Using Method XL, we know we’ll get great ABS parts that we can match in injection molding. So when we do short-run productions on XL, we’ll run batches at a time, knowing that we’ll get the same high-quality results each time.”

Credit UltiMaker

The Method series 3D printers will continue to work with CloudPrint™, which offers cloud-based print preparation and remote print management. Users who have strict security policies and cloud restrictions in place can use Cura as a secure alternative that is locally installed on their desktops.

This is the first phase of updates designed to improve the compatibility of the Method series with Cura. Future releases plan to include additional material profiles as well as compatibility with the UltiMaker Digital Factory, a press release states.

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