STYLY, a cloud and browser-based VR editing and distribution service recently integrated Google Poly, a platform where people can share 3D models.

Up until now, thousands of preset 3D models were already available within STYLY. A feature also allows creators to upload 3D models from 10+ tools, including Blender, Maya, and Sketchup, in order to create their VR scenes. Furthermore, before the API, users had to first download the 3D models from Google Poly and then upload them into STYLY.

The integration of Google Poly makes it easy for creators to use STYLY. With “Google Poly” API, the amount of content that can be used has increased by thousands, and the scope with which users can explore their creativity in VR environments has thus expanded widely.

Rich VR content can be created within even just minutes in STYLY, thanks to the Google Poly API. (Psychic VR Lab)

STYLY and Google Poly

STYLY is a portal for anyone who needs to develop VR content. No coding and downloads are required within the service. Creatives, such as those interested in music, art, and fashion, can create and share new worlds and experiences. Content in STYLY is automatically viewable in all major VR headsets.

As for Google Poly, with the library, users can build VR scenes in other platforms, such as in Google’s ARCore, Apple’s ARKit, and now STYLY.

STYLY users can simply search by keyword or browse by category to find Google Poly 3D models. To insert the desired model into the VR scene, they can then click on the appropriate icon. (Psychic VR Lab)

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