Production at the new site is scheduled to begin this April.

Skuld LLC, a company that is on a mission to get metal parts made in the most environmentally friendly, is now the owner of a new foundry and manufacturing facility. The USA-based company will now continue its activities on the site that previously belonged to the former Champion Foundry in Piqua, Ohio –  Champion Foundry, a gray and iron foundry closed in March 2017.

Skuld, whose insights are featured in the September/October edition of 3D ADEPT Mag – (part 3 of our dossier), develops a solution that enables the production of small-volume custom parts such as for prototypes, rapid emergency replacements, tooling and high-volume automotive parts.

Skuld primarily uses lost foam casting. They are also installing machining, foam blowing, a printer farm, and heat treating.  In addition to conventional processes, Skuld is commercializing a new additive manufacturing process that they call AMEC (Additive Manufacturing Evaporative Casting).  This patent pending new hybrid process combines lost foam casting with 3D printing.  This enables the precision of investment casting, without tooling, and can make large net-shape components in less than a day, the company says.

The four buildings with nearly 32,000 square feet (2973 m2) of space are being refurbished to be capable of casting a wide range of ferrous metals (gray, ductile iron, steels) as well as nonferrous metals (aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and nickel alloys).  The plant will initially have 3,000 tons of capacity but plans are in place to expand to ten times that capacity in the next few years.

The company primarily serves the defense, tooling, and heavy equipment industries.  In addition to parts, they also manufacture equipment for others to use their processes.  Their new nanofoundry system that enables others to use the AMEC process, the Lightning Metal, is in development and launching this spring.

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