Siemens Digital Industries has integrated GEFERTEC’s Additive Manufacturing Technology into the NX CAM module

GEFERTEC is one of the machine manufacturers whose partnerships are rarely mentioned in the additive manufacturing industry. While this can be associated to the confidentiality that surrounds most collaborations between industry companies, the fact remains that certain technology partnerships are crucial to help users improve their experience with certain technologies.

In this vein, the company’s collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries will enable users of GEFERTEC production systems to perform the complete CAD/CAM process chain in the Siemens NX platform and integrate their production systems into the digital manufacturing landscape.

This means that Siemens Digital Industries has integrated WAAM – the AM technology developed by GEFERTEC – as a specific 3D printing technology into the NX CAM module.
We are convinced that the technical and commercial potential of the WAAM technology will be realized better and faster due to the improved CAM functionality and the full integration into the digital process chain. GEFERTEC directly markets the NX module as an integral part of the WAAM production system as an OEM partner of Siemens. We are looking forward to the exchange with our customers to discuss the new possibilities in the WAAM technology individually and to plan an implementation for the specific use cases together”, GEFERTEC said in an announcement.

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