Credit: Prusa Research

“Our goal is to become the largest manufacturer of 3D printers and filaments in the USA within a year,” says Josef Prusa, CEO of Prusa Research. 

At Prusa Research’s headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, nearly 1,000 people are involved in the development and manufacturing of Original Prusa printers. In Delaware, at the Printed Solid headquarters, the company employs approximately 30 people and plans to hire more.

As expected, the company will remain committed to meeting the highest standards for the manufacturing that will be conducted overseas, at Printed Solid. For Printed Solid, this is not only the opportunity to deliver high-quality Prusa products, but to contribute to the local economy and support American workers – as per the words of David Randolph, CEO of Printed Solid.

Three major initiatives will underline this commitment

Prusa Research and Printed Solid started with three major initiatives:

  1. Assembly Expansion: Starting July 2024, Printed Solid will begin assembling Prusa MK4 3D printers at their Printed Solid facilities in the United States. This strategic decision aims to enhance efficiency and reduce lead times for customers across the country.
  2. Local Prusament Production: Understanding the growing demand for its top-quality 3D printing filament, Prusament, Prusa Research will start producing select colors and materials in the United States in the Printed Solid facility.
  3. Repair Services Launch: To enhance its renowned support services even further, Prusa Research will now provide repair services for Prusa 3D printers directly in the United States through Printed Solid. This initiative will enable to reduce downtime while maximizing productivity for customers.

Both companies plan to add more production lines for Prusament and expand the manufacturing of the printers themselves, including a strong emphasis on support from local American component suppliers.

In an era where 3D printing is becoming increasingly crucial for innovation and intellectual property development, we believe local manufacturing is essential for long-term prosperity and security. While recent years have seen a trend of offshoring production, we’re committed to reversing this by bringing manufacturing back to the region. Our approach is rooted in transparency and trust: our software is open-source and fully auditable, and now, our manufacturing facilities are open for visits. By localizing production, we’re not just reducing security risks—we’re fostering innovation, supporting local economies, and building trust in this transformative technology,” says Josef Prusa.

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