March 8th: Commemoration Day, though supporting women is a daily endeavour #Womenin3Dprinting

Image via Women in 3D Printing
Image via Women in 3D Printing

Should we wait for March 8th to support, promote and inspire Women?                  

It’s been 42 years that March 8th has been officially adopted and acknowledged by the United Nations as the Women’s Day, a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. Let us not begin to rewrite history…because this day is an opportunity for us to see how far women have gone in the society and the improvements that still need to be made.

In the 3D Printing industry, we still have a long way to go but we would like to take a few minutes to appreciate/recall/celebrate initiatives that have already been implemented to promote women in this field.

In an industry that features a majority of male figures, one notes that very few events currently guarantee gender equality in their conference programme speakers; not to mention that “Awards” ceremonies should enable the launch or the joint staging of awards that would highlight the know-how of women in the industry.

Although they have the ability to bring together a large number of industry professionals for a given period of time, events providean opportunity to highlight women’s achievements in the industry, but they are not the only drivers.

Big up to organizations such as Women in 3D Printing, that are not only willing to invest extra miles for women, but do it on a daily basis through interviews and events around the world; MakerGirl and YouthForTech that facilitate the integration and the learning stage of young girls in the 3D printing industry through 3D Printing Academy for Girls; and schools that launch specific events to prepare girls for STEM jobs.

The list is certainly not exhaustive. However, daily efforts of these organizations make us realize that we should not wait for March 8 to support, promote or inspire women. These daily efforts remind us that sometimes, the smallest gestures count the most.

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