Feetz and designer Seth Aaron launched their collection of 3D printed shoes at FashionNXT

Feetz collaborates with Seth Aaron, known as winner of Project Runway’s seventh season, to create the world’s first collection of 3D printed shoes which they showcased at FashioNXT on October 13th, an event that brings together fashion and technology.

The Oregon-based designer was first inspired by Japanese looks from the 60s.The collection refers to minimalist dresses, tops, trousers, and, most notably, 3D printed shoes which draw attention.

In this collection, Aaron features two pairs of shoes: the “Tokyo Platform” and the “Osaka Oxford”. Both types are 3D printed by Feetz, a San Diego startup specialized in 3D printed footwear.

For the designer, 3D printing cannot be dissociated from sustainability. Indeed, he explains his choice in these words:  “As the father of two children, I care about the world we leave them. The shoes are made from recycled and recyclable products. At the end of their life, we don’t toss them into a landfill, we make them into new shoes.” Last, this is also the opportunity for them to create new jobs in the industry.

Also, in order to avoid wasting materials during the mass production, the shoes will be produced according to the orders received at Feetz’s facility. Thus any warehouse storage won’t be required.

For Lucy Beard, founder of Feetz, “this marks a new design paradigm, enabling footwear and accessories designers the opportunity to launch new designs without the worry for up front capital, having to edit their creative vision for a general mass consumer, or minimum orders in sized inventory.

Another creation showcased from Seth

Both types of shoes can be ordered in sizes 4 through 20 (36 through 52 in Europe) for $175 the pair.

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