Credit: Farsoon

OEM Farsoon has added a high-performance carbon-fiber reinforced PA6 material FS6130CF-F to its portfolio.

Ideal for applications requiring heat resistance, strength, rigidity, modulus, and impact performance, the material stands out from the crowd due to its tensile strength. Indeed, with its carbon-fiber orientation,  it can deliver performance in X direction that exceeds 110MPa, 80MPa+ in Y direction, and 60MPa+ in Z direction of the mechanical properties of the printed components.

The manufacturer mentions end-use applications requiring load-bearing and lightweight to illustrate this capability. In NEW (New Energy Vehicles) for instance, the carbon-fiber-reinforced FS6130CF-F can be used for customized metal replacement parts. It provides the required tensile strength while reducing the weight of the structure, which helps to achieve improvements of NEV in speed, performance, and lower energy consumption.

Credit: Farsoon

When compared to injection-molded PA6 fiber-reinforced materials, 3D printed parts produced with the FS6130CF-F can withstand a heat distortion temperature (HDT-1.8MPa) of 210°C, good dimensional accuracy while resisting to deformation or rupture during the stability test.

According to Farsoon, its low refreshment ratio brings “a sustainable manufacturing process to series production customers”. — This means that the proportion of virgin powder added during the printing process can be as low as 20% (virgin powder: residual powder ratio 2:8), significantly reducing material waste and cost.

Developed for Farsoon’s “Flight” fiber laser PBF technology, the FS6130CF-F material is fully compatible with Flight HT403P-2 (dual-laser) and Flight HT/ST252P High-temperature laser PBF platforms, Farsoon says.

The FS6130CF-F material is now available in the US and European markets for commercial orders. Attendees at RAPID+TCT 2024 can see the new material at booth 2600.

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