Dyndrite and Impossible Objects reveal how build preparation of 3D printed parts can be accelerated by 10X

Software company Dyndrite has been working with companies from various profiles lately including software companies like DNA.am and 3D printer manufacturers like Impossible Objects.

With Impossible Objects, they have been exploring how to accelerate speed of build preparation of 3D printed carbon and fiberglass composite parts.

The Rules-based Automated Masking Packing and Slicing software project (ON-RAMP) consists in merging the multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated, Python-based Accelerated Computation Engine from Dyndrite with Impossible Objects’ proprietary software.

Impossible Objects was looking to drive its Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing process – short for CBAM –. One way to do so was inevitably to improve the workflow.

“Manual build prep is reduced from 3 hours to a few minutes with automation, and 3D data processing benchmarks go from 56 minutes to 5 minutes, meaning that the entire 4 hour process is now completed in less than 10 minutes,” explains Len Wanger, CTM, Impossible Objects. “Dyndrite is revolutionizing the user experience in the production of CBAM parts. The focused APIs, CAD import capability, combined with GPU-based processing of voxel data, plus Python automation, deliver cumulative benefits to the entire CAD to CBAM print workflow. As quickly as 2 weeks into the project we realized a huge time savings, and suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg.”‍

Dyndrite therefore delivers an automated CAD-to-print workflow for Impossible Objects’ CBAM production process. As the company explains, advantages of automation include faster processing of 3D data, reduction of tedious manual labour, as well as automated nesting that optimizes build space and minimizes scrap, and customizable workflows that allow significantly faster time to first part.

Last but not least, automating best practice design rules on build blocks allows the embedding of QA/QC data tracking for improved traceability and a reduction in part error rates.

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