BARNES Aerospace to manufacture fan components using DM3D ‘s patented direct metal deposition (DMD)®

Over time, research and development in the 3D printing industry has led to the creation of several processes for metal additive manufacturing. First techniques might very soon become “standard” compared to other that are currently being developed or that are newly patented.

Speaking of these new techniques, we recently discovered Direct Metal Deposition (DMD)®, a patented metal additive manufacturing process that has been developed by DM3D Technology, LLC., a Michigan based 3D additive metal manufacturing company.

The manufacturer exploits laser based direct metal deposition technology (DMDÒ) to form functional metal parts directly from 3D CAD data. According to the company, its technology produces dense metal parts with a strong metallurgical bond to the base material resulting in production parts.

Example of application in the aerospace industry

BARNES Aerospace, a company of the aerospace industry will take advantage of DM3D Technology to produce fan components.

Both companies work alongside with GE Aviation to develop this application for GE’s 9X engine. The full-scale production is expected to debut early 2020.

The complex geometry of these components is an ideal application for the multi-axis deposition capability of DM3D’s additive process,” said Tod Davis, Principal Engineer for GE Aviation.

Bhaskar Dutta, President of DM3D Technology, commented that “Our Company is very excited to team with BARNES Aerospace using our unique additive metal process for these fan components, and we look forward to developing more applications centered on the aerospace industry.”

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