AM Flow reveals AM In-Line Quality Control solution for accurate post-processing of 3D printed parts

To facilitate the transition from prototyping to series production, workflow automation company AM-Flow has developed an AM In-Line Quality Control solution for the steps that follow the manufacturing process.

If you are a regular reader of 3D ADEPT Mag, you may have realized that, the company’s process expert, Patricia van der Voort, discussed this solution in the September/October edition of 3D ADEPT Mag.

As van der Voort said, this solution would enable to identify a defect more accurately and quickly, and give an automatic reprint signal while collecting data about detected errors on geometries. Information about the type of defects in certain material types, the printer used, the machining steps performed, etc. could provide AI-learned insights that AM users would learn from.

From a technology standpoint, the solution is supported by the company’s proprietary middleware software platform, AM-LOGICTM. This means that the quality control returns data back to the MES system of clients, enabling immediate reprints when necessary and optimizing setting parameters of the 3D printers and post-production equipment.

To provide a couple of figures, AM Flow claims that the AM-QUALITY production line would enable 100% quality control, at a cycle-time of 10 seconds per part, with a resolution of 50 Microns. According to a press release, issues such as breakages, warping, surface defects, etc. can easily be identified. Such early detection enables to address sub-quality prints, immediately during production.

 The AM QUALITY ensures the highest quality standards and enables certification – for example for the medical, automotive and aviation industry – while slashing the cost per part of quality control from tens of dollars to only cents, the company states.

We’re extremely happy to announce the launch of the AM-QUALITY. Our perspective has always been to provide industrial solutions to the AM industry, setting industry standards, to help it scale and deliver on AM’s core benefits. Together with our part identification, sorting, bagging, transport, and bin-picking modules, the AM-QUALITY, as the latest member of the AM-Flow family of solutions, will help scale the AM industry and increasingly be the manufacturing technology of choice for more and more applications”, Stefan Rink, CEO of AM-Flow states.

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