Wheel Bearing Simulation from AddUp Manager 7.6

Metal 3D printing OEM AddUp has teamed up with AdditiveLab, an expert in simulation software development, to release the latest version of AddUp Manager. AddUp Manager is a software platform that enables users to ensure build preparation operations. With AddUp Manager, users can fine-tune over 250 variables and parameters, create custom melting strategies, and visualize laser trajectories.

The latest release, version 7.6, integrates an intuitive simulation module, enhancing precision and flexibility for high-quality metal 3D printing.

Many metal 3D printing users have had to rely on separate software for build preparation and simulation, which increases costs as well as the potential for overlooked deformations or errors across platforms. With the integration of AdditiveLab’s simulation engine, the production process has been optimized on the FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion machine and the learning curve associated with multiple software tools is reduced.

Simulation software is crucial in metal 3D printing for predicting stresses and deformations in the build before printing begins. By anticipating and correcting these issues, manufacturers can significantly reduce errors and increase success rates. The new simulation software integrated into AddUp Manager 7.6 offers a fast, accurate, and user-friendly solution for optimizing scanning strategies and understanding the intricate details of the additive manufacturing process, AddUp explains.

We are excited to partner with AddUp because their customers use metal AM for challenging designs at a serial production level. Our software integration will help AddUp customers overcome production challenges, enabling them to manufacture complex designs more efficiently,” said Christian Rossmann, AdditiveLab CEO. “This partnership presented an excellent opportunity to collaborate and make an impact on industrializing metal AM.

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