Additive Talks – AM & Motorsports: What does it take to achieve top racing performance with AM?

For racing teams to perform at their best, race and engineering must go hand in hand…And to make it happen, several technical capabilities continuously need to be enhanced and challenged. 

And as we all know, AM is a legitimate tool that can enable the level of performance and precision this field of activity demands. However, if we sat down with experts from General Motors and Carbon, it’s only because, things are not always that simple with AM.

The March Additive Talks session discussed a number of considerations to take into account to make racing cars faster, lighter and more reliable. The conversation below discusses: 


  • the different objectives motorsports engineers are looking to achieve when using AM; 
  • the different AM processes leveraged in this field of activity as well as real-world parts that can be improved using AM; 
  • the materials’ challenge
  • As well as the different ways to have greater control over the race car strength-to-weight ratio of metal 3D printed parts.  

Carbon’s Erika Berg and General Motors’ Andrew Cunningham also answered the questions from the audience and had the opportunity to ask each other a few questions related to their respective field of activity. 


A panel moderated by 3D ADEPT Media’s Managing Editor, Kety SINDZE.