UniMelt system - Courtesy: 6K Additive

6K Additive, a division of 6K Inc. that specializes in the production of AM materials and metal alloys, has acquired Global Metal Powders (GMP) for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition brings additional proprietary manufacturing and recycling capabilities used in preparing material before the UniMelt® spheroidizing process. With GMP onboard, 6K Additive strengthens its portfolio with titanium and refractory metal powder production.

Using GMP’s proprietary technology, 6K Additive will manufacture customized powders from a variety of revert streams across many metal alloys including, titanium (Ti), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), niobium (Nb), tantalum (Ta), and tungsten (W). GMP’s manufacturing plant is based in New Castle, PA, and 6K Additive will continue manufacturing processes at this facility.

As the market for sustainably produced powder continues to grow, 6K Additive is the only one equipped to meet the manufacturing volumes demanded by customers for sustainably produced powder, specifically titanium and refractory metals,” said Frank Roberts, President of 6K Additive.Adding the operational horsepower that GMP brings to our organization allows us to not only keep pace with the high demand we are seeing for our powders but also further close the recycling loop, which leads to a lower overall part cost for our customers. We welcome the team at GMP to our organization, and we are excited to add their technology and expertise to help advance our leadership position.”

As a reminder, its portfolio of AM powder made from sustainable sources includes nickel, titanium, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and refractory metals such as tungsten, niobium, and rhenium. These powders are manufactured using the proprietary UniMelt system, a microwave production-scale plasma system, with a highly uniform and precise plasma zone, zero contamination, and high throughput production capabilities.

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