image: ZVerse

According to ZVerse Service Metrics, “44% of parts that arrive at digital manufacturing service bureaus do not have a 3D model.”

Despite the number of additive manufacturing technologies deployed to address the needs of on-demand Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) part production, engineers remain limited by the lack of accurate 3D digital files which to a certain extent leads to equipment downtime.

The reasons for this gap might lie in the fact that for a long time, machine technologies for production part have always been based on molds to achieve high volume production. However, as productions increasingly move to digital manufacturing, operators can produce on-demand, therefore in low volume production. Such production is more appropriate given all the uncertainties around predictive maintenance for viable parts, uncertainties that include sourcing, over-production, storage, or even delivery.

In this vein, to help industries access such production environment with more agility, ZVerse, a digital manufacturing solutions company, has developed a landmark automation-assisted conversion that creates 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) assets from 2D technical drawing files.

Designed for supply chain, advanced manufacturing, sustainability, and field service teams, the new solution would generate a rapid 2D to 3D conversion project quote, and thereafter would produce 3D manufacturing assets that can be stored in a digital library. By having a secure network connection, operators could access these files wherever they are and launch production.

Through this new solution, ZVerse ambitions to enhance customer operations resources by removing the foundational step of re-drawing part geometries at current manufacturing software standards. The company ensures that once this step is done, operators could experience an average 35-50% reduction in comparative project time.

“ZVerse has been doing this work for years, converting 2D files to 3D through our on-demand design services. We know the areas where you can drive automation and drive the biggest impact in workflow,” said ZVerse President David Craig. “We have also learned that the greatest time spent in the conversion process can be automated and we now have automated those steps. We are committed to driving even more types of automation in, and around, this critical business need.”

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