Two days ago, Hong-Kong based manufacturer has launched its second campaign on Kickstarter for the SparkMaker FHD, an improved version of the first SparkMaker SLA 3D Printer. Just like the former campaign, the company has reached its goal again, in less than 30 minutes. However, this time, their aim was to raise 43 277 €.

The SparkMaker Full HD 

This 3D printer integrates a 3D printer with a 1080p LCD screen, and 4 new types of resins that are ultra-clean. With their macaron colors, they allow to 3D print with high temperature.

Thanks to the high definition LCD screen, it is possible to print larger size (up to 61.8 x 110 x 125 mm), higher quality (57 μm XY axis resolution), in a faster speed (up to 25 mm/hr).

Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, this 3D printer supports wireless control through Bluetooth connection. Be it an SD card with printing files or the smartphone App by Bluetooth, the user just needs to press one button to launch the printing.

Other basic things but completely useful have been added. Users can now handle their 3D printer using 1 x Metal Tank, 1 x Metal Panel, 1 x 1080p LCD Screen, 1 x Mainboard, and 1 x UV Backlight.

Lastly, as far as materials are concerned, the different resins enable different options: a variety of colors, 3D engraving and many more.

Do not hesitate to discover the details of the campaign by yourself.

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