New AM partnership between Hyperion & EOS will focus on the production of low cost, low-to-zero carbon titanium metal powders

Hyperion and Industrial 3D printing  giant EOS sign a Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate the deployment of Hyperion’s HAMR and GSD technologies for the potential production of low cost, low-to-zero carbon titanium metal powders.

Hyperion is on a mission to develop zero carbon, sustainable, critical material supply chains for advanced American industries including space, aerospace, electric vehicles and 3D printing.

Through its technology partnership with EOS, the company will focus on

  • Technical and economic evaluation of powders produced via the hydrogen assisted magnesiothermic reduction (“HAMR”) and granulation sintering and deoxygenation (“GSD”) processes for use in additive manufacturing as compared to the current titanium metal powders
  • Recyclability of titanium metal powders using the HAMR and/or GSD technology processes
  • Environmental and sustainability evaluation of powders produced via the HAMR and GSD processes for use in additive manufacturing versus other production processes

 “Our goal is to create innovative product and process solutions that help accelerate responsible manufacturing and sustainable solutions via industrial 3D printing technology. What is exciting is the potential for new, low cost, low carbon titanium powders that will provide organizations with both significant economic benefits and more sustainable solutions. The HAMR and GSD technology has the potential to lower the barriers to entry for titanium into existing markets of more conventional materials and will enable completely new mass market applications where high strength to weight are critical – such as electric vehicles.

“Titanium alloys are very widespread and versatile high-performance materials in AM, used by our customers in ingenious part designs covering everything from hip implants to Formula One parts to aircraft components. One barrier to wider adoption of AM is material cost – caused on one hand by the scarcity of the raw material, but on the other hand by the extremely complex and resource-intense methods of extraction. Our partnership with Hyperion changes this landscape and allows us to deliver cost- and resource-efficient next gen methods of extracting the value form this extremely valuable and scarce natural resource all the while reducing the negative impact on our environment. This collaboration means more to us than two technology companies joining forces to drive development of AM, it is also another great step on the journey of realizing the EOS vision of sustainable manufacturing”, Sascha Rudolph, Commercial Director Metal Materials at EOS commented.

Under the non-binding MOU, Hyperion and EOS have agreed to negotiate in good faith to enter into definitive agreements to give effect to a partnership that allows Hyperion and EOS to work together to advance deployment of sustainably produced, low-cost and zero-carbon spherical and non-spherical titanium metal powders for use in the additive manufacturing industry. The MOU will terminate on 1 June 2022 unless extended by mutual agreement.

 “Collaborating with EOS significantly advances our vision to bring sustainably sourced, low cost and zero carbon titanium metal powders to international metal markets. More than any other 3D printing company, EOS has a similar value and vision in bringing sustainable manufacturing to the world and having a sustainable metal supply chain is crucial to that vision. Their experience in the additive manufacturing materials world is unparalleled. They have more than 25 years of experience working with metal powders and have a dedicated facility in Finland, EOS Metal Materials, that is focussed on the development, design and production of metal powders and processes.

“Titanium is a superior metal for a wide range of high-performance applications in the aerospace, medical, space and defence sectors. Hyperion, through its HAMR and GSD technologies, has the potential to produce zero carbon spherical titanium powders at a fraction of the cost of comparable titanium powders. Hyperion’s technologies have the potential to disrupt not just the titanium market, but also the far larger aluminium and stainless-steel markets”, Anastasios Arima, CEO and Managing Director of Hyperion Metals states.

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