How does 3D Printing help to fight terrorism?

Recently, terrorists carried out a number of attacks, which involved running vans and trucks within crowds. It is impossible to predict where and when the next attack will occur, but we can at least protect the busiest squares and streets that are the most attractive targets for terrorism.

The first thing that comes to mind is installing concrete guard rails that can stop or at least slow down a heavy vehicle. But do you really want to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder in search for the enemy and stumbling across jarring barricades everywhere? This would be submitting to terror. New York designer Joe Doucet offered his own solution – barricades that are more aesthetic and more effective by design. 3D printing technologies played a core role in the construction.

These 3D printed constructions don’t just catch the eye, they perform protective duties and provide comfortable sitting for local residents and numerous tourists. The benches were built at Times Square – a magnet for tourists and the cultural epicentre of the Big Apple. On the one hand, it would be foolish to spoil the mood with reminders of possible threats, but ignoring them was not an option.

Joe Doucet solved the problem by designing and printing these nice-looking and robust constructions that ensure safety and provide comfort. These bench-barriers are like links in a chain and it is impossible to ram through them. The benches are attached to each other via steel rods and will remain linked upon impact.

The designer called his creation “Rely”. To construct the unusual barrier Doucet teamed up with UrbaStyle, a concrete street furniture manufacturer that also works with 3D printing. The structure was designed and manufactured in cooperation with Concrenetics, Autodesk, ABB, Cementir Group, Victoria Milne and 6¢ Design.

Images via concrenetics. You can now post free of charge job opportunities in the AM Industry on 3D ADEPT Media.

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