AM Solutions Catalogue 2022

This 2022 edition of the International Catalogue of AM Solutions reveals that the market is growing, slowly but surely. There is no particular trend in this set of latest developments: machine manufacturers with an expertise in conventional manufacturing increasingly see the opportunity of delivering services to the AM industry, therefore made their debut in the AM sphere while some of the existing AM technologies providers started innovating in a new segment.

With the continuous development of AM technologies across segments, decision-makers can easily feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we believe we should also provide updates on the technology landscape for each technology segment so that new beginners and exiting users can easily understand where the market is headed, in terms of advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing processes, and not just in terms of new machines. That’s anyway what we strive to achieve with this new edition.

As usual, the print version of this catalogue will be distributed at home and/or offices to our subscribers and in all industry events where we are a media partner. A digital version will also be sent once per quarter to our subscribers.