AM Solutions Catalogue 2022

Although additive manufacturing is hundreds of years old, the last five years have been marked by the rise of a number of industrial revolutions and awareness on the technology potential by professionals.
The only thing is that, once you’ve decided that Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing is right for your project/business, the next step might be quite intimidating. In their quest for the right technology, be it by email or during 3D printing-dedicated events, professionals ask us for advice or technical specifications regarding different types of AM-technologies & post-processing systems that raise their interest. Quite frequently, these technologies are not provided by the same manufacturer.

The International Catalogue of Additive Manufacturing Solutions comes to respond to this specific need: be the portal that will enable professionals to know how to start and proceed with AM and post-processing.

More importantly, an important focus is to enable potential users to leverage the latest developments in Additive Manufacturing. Therefore, companies can only feature their latest developments, new and upgraded solutions.

Whether they are in Europe, in the USA or in Asia, this International Catalogue of AM Solutions acts like a resource advising professionals on 3D printers per technology, material choices and post-processing solutions.