Metal sintering 3D printer aimed to research and production of small and medium sized metal parts. The peculiarity is in the so-called “shell printing” (patent pending) that allows ease of use, speed and a better control of the printing chamber.

Arturo Donghi CEO of Sharebot srl.

“It’s probably the smallest, most affordable and easy to use metal 3D printer on the market”. Arturo Donghi CEO of Sharebot srl.
Known for providing a comprehensive range of Additive Manufacturing technologies, Sharebot debuts firs metal 3D Printing this year. The company enters this new frontier of the industry with metalONE, a metal 3D printer that integrates SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology. With a 1070 nm fiber Laser at 250W power and a working area of 6,5×6,5x10cm, the movement speed of the 3D printer reaches 5 mt/s. metalONE can use nitrogen or argon gas to establish a modified atmosphere inside the printing chamber, it’s managed by a 10” touch screen monitor and can be remotely accessed through the web interface from any browser. The user can easily modify the process parameters and double check in the log files after printing.
“Easy to use, in 10 minutes you can start a new print, and in less than 30 minutes you can clean the printer and change powder. Affordable, completely open parameters with a lot of info inside the log files in order to fully understand the process layer by layer. There are also some photos of each layer in order to implement AI solutions. The ideal metal 3D printer for all those who want to test new materials and thanks to its printing area and the standard DMLS printing process, it allows the creation of objects and prototypes using only a minimum of 800gr of metal powder”, said Arturo Donghi CEO of Sharebot srl.
Ideal for Research & Development of new powders and University R&D Departments, Sharebot is now collaborating with 5 universities in the USA, Asia and Europe that already started to use metalONE for the testing of various powders and solutions.