Mathias Wolpiansky, Managing Director of

In six years, DMG MORI has built up extensive experience in Selective Laser Melting.
“We bring decades of experience in CNC Machining to the industry, but we will not replace CNC technologies by AM technologies. As a matter of fact, AM also relies on CNC. The fact is, clients are always waiting for the next step. Our aim therefore is to combine our expertise in CNC & AM to address crucial challenges they are facing when it comes to productivity, industrialization for AM and safe working conditions.” Mathias Wolpiansky, Managing Director of REALIZER GmbH at DMG MORI.

With the launch of the industrial 3D Printing system LASERTEC 12 SLM, the company continues to provide products that are reliable, highly-functional and worthy of investment to meet each and every customer’s needs.

The metal AM System uses the powder bed technology where an individual layer of metal powder materials is built up and irradiated with laser to create the shape.
It achieves high-precision molding of complex-shaped parts like a lattice using a laser with the smallest spot diameter of 35 μm. Lastly, the system integrates linear scale with a positioning accuracy of less than 1 μm for high-precision metal additive manufacturing.

Technical specifications

Build Volume: 125 x 125 x 200 mm
Layer thickness (μm): 20 to 100
Laser spot diameter (μm): Min. 35
Laser type: Fiber type
Laser output (depending on specification) (W): 200 to 400
Compatible resins: Daylight Magna resins
Printing Software: Photocentric Studio
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, WiFi