The NXE 400 is part of a new family of printers that leverages Nexa3D’s proprietary LSPc technology that is equipped with tough materials ideal for ultra-fast printing of functional prototyping, production tooling and full-scale manufacturing of end-use parts, casting patterns and dental restorations. The printers also come with cognitive software and integrated sensors, which together optimize manufacturing part performance, provide detailed diagnostics, and offer continuous monitoring. NEXA3D resins are ideal for a wide range of applications, ranging from rapid prototyping, jigs and fixtures all the way to low volume, high mix manufacturing.

Key Features
Precision high speed Additive Manufacturing
With the patented LSPcTM Technology NXE400 can print at up to 40X faster than traditional 3D Printing
Cognitive Software
The NXE400 uses voxel technology to intelligently slice, topology optimize, and adaptively compile complex geometries at high speed
The Most Affordable High-Speed 3D Printer on the Market
The NXE400 offers great speed, unparalleled precision, and is compatible with various resin materials

The NXE 400 prints at up to 6X the speed and 2.5X the build volume of all other comparable products on the market today. Leveraging Nexa3D’s proprietary LSPc technology, the NXE 400 can continuously print up to 16 liters of parts volume, at speeds of up to 1Z centimeter per minute. At those speeds, the time to produce functional prototypes and production parts can be reduced from hours to minutes.”

Avi ReichentalExecutive Chairman and CEO, Nexa3D

Technical specifications

Print Tech: Continuous LSP

Light Source: Structured Light Matrix

XY Resolution: 70 μm

Build Area (W x D x H): 270 x 160 x 380mm (10.6 x 6.3 x 15 inch)

Z Resolution: 25/50/100/200 microns

Z Coordinate: Z-Axis and Vat

UI: Predictive and Prescriptive

Interface: USB Cable/USB Drive/Ethernet/WIFI

Input File Format: .stl, .3ws, .3wn, .STEP

Material: Fast RP, Tough, Super Tough, Dental