KINGS 3035 Pro SLA 3D Printer


KINGS SLA 3d Printer is an additive manufacturing Machine that works by focusing ultraviolet laser onto a vat of Photopolymer resin.The Resin is photochemically solidified and a single layer of desired 3D object is formed.This process will be repeated for each layer until the model is completed.

The advantages of SLA 3D printing lie in higher accuracy rate, faster speed and better surface smoothness (compared to CNC and FDM).

Kings 3D printers has its advantages not only in producing high-precision, small complex parts efficiently, but also in printing large objects with its large-size 3D printers. Kings has invested a lot in R&D of printing materials specialized for automotive industry. With a printing size of 1700x800x500mm, the KINGS 1700 was customized for large size prototypes, such as automobiles.The dual lasers save half the printing time compared to ordinary printers. Kings has developed its own printing materials tomeet the needs of different industies while keeping the best price -performance ratio in the market.

Alex MayerSales Manager – Omnitec GmbH

Technical specifications

• Nd: YV04 Solid Laser
• 355nmWave Length
• Minimum Power to Liquid ≥ 300mW
• Layer thickness with normal construction: 0.1mm
• Layer thickness with fast construction: 0.15mm
• LayerThickness with exact structure: 0.05mm
• Scanner: Galvanometer-Scanner
• Power Supply: 230V – max. 2kW