Massivit 1800 Pro

Massivit 3D large format 3D printing technology is the result of the combined expertise of experts from both the wide format printing and 3D printing industries.
Traditionally, 3D printers have been based on one of two key technologies: solid materials or photopolymer liquids. Both these technologies have been rendered impractical for commercial production needs due to limitations in speed. Massivit 3D’s co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Gershon Miller, developed an entirely new patented technology, Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP), that enables production at radical speed. The gel can be polymerized, and therefore cures ‘on-the-fly’. This was the birth of the company’s 1st Generation product line and a growing range of more than a hundred applications for a range of industries.
Launched in Q1 2019 and already available in the market, the Massivit 1800 Pro is a large format 3D printer for visual communication and entertainment. It offers unprecedented printing speed and is designed to empower wide format print businesses to expand their services, enter new niche markets, and overcome fierce market competition.

  • Printing Speed: 300 mm/sec linear speed 35cm/13.7” vertical speed on Z axis per hour (Printing speed for 1-meter diameter cylinder)
  • Printing Modes:

– Normal (1.3 mm)
– Quality (1 mm)
– High Resolution (0.8 mm)
– Mega-Quality (Rapid, high quality printing of large objects allowing for gel cost efficiency)
– Variable Resolution (Flexible, pre-defined switching between resolutions for a single model without changing the tip)

  • Scalability of printing heads: 1 or 2
  • Maximum Printing Volume: 145cm x 111cm x 180cm / 57” x 44” x 70”
  • Supported Printing Materials: Dimengel 100 (Proprietary) /  Dimengel 20 FR – (Proprietary, Fire-Retardant)

The Massivit team has been working on key areas for improvements in Q1, 2019. A new version of the software and a new material have been made available to the public. Named Massivit Smart V4.5 software, in addition to its user-friendly interface, the new software enables full automation, and can produce concrete molds for the production of street furniture, restoration, interior design pieces, and museum models.