Ultimaker S3

“Ultimaker S3 is the latest printer we’ve developed for our S line. The Ultimaker S3 was designed so that anyone could achieve high-quality results. It is an affordable entry to professional 3D printing, making the ROI of 3D printing easy and fast to achieve, allowing even more professionals to create exactly what they need, where they need it and when they need it.
The Ultimaker S3 has all of our S5 printer capabilities, but with a smaller footprint. It carries an award-winning touch interface, and predefined print settings that facilitate 3D printing as part of any workflow. Its advanced active levelling, stiffer build platform, heated build plate and more accurate stepper drivers result in the highest print quality for a machine this size. Also, dual filament flow sensors notify you if you run out of material by pausing the printer and prompting you to add more before resuming the printing process.
Thanks to its smaller size, the Ultimaker S3 fits easily on any desktop. Its internal design allows both nozzles to reach the whole build plate, meaning that no space is wasted, thus offering an increased build-volume-to-size ratio.
The Ultimaker S3 is compatible with almost any 2.85 mm filament allowing 3D printing with third-party materials as easily as Ultimaker filament. All of that is made possible by predefined print settings available on Ultimaker Marketplace, including carbon fibre reinforced composites for high-strength parts”, explains Paul Heiden, SVP Product Management at Ultimaker

Designed for smaller businesses to start disruptive 3D printing, the Ultimaker S3 offers the same general specs as the Ultimaker S5, but is more affordable, and with a smaller build volume.
The Ultimaker 3 and the Ultimaker S3 have a similar build volume, and both offer dual extrusion. However, the newest family member includes additional features such as:
- Composite printing that enables the user to achieve more and more demanding applications
- Filament flow sensor for a print that never runs out of material
- Advanced active levelling increases reliability by ensuring a near-to-perfect initial layer, and build plate adhesion
- Touchscreen: the Ultimaker S3 is easily set up, controlled, and maintained via its intuitive 4.7-inch color touchscreen
- Enclosed front: The glass door on the front enables a more controlled environment inside the printer, resulting in a higher print reliability.
The Ultimaker S3 is already available through the company’s network of global partners.
“The biggest breakthrough we had was with material adoption. It might seem hard to believe now but a 6-month period to learn printing with a specific material wasn’t exceptional at the time. Then we introduced the concept of print profiles, first for Ultimaker Materials and quickly widening this concept to a now prominent Ultimaker Material Alliance Program with virtually all material suppliers in the world. By making print profiles available on Ultimaker Cura’s Marketplace, we’ve tremendously extended the application range of Ultimaker”, concludes Paul Heiden, SVP Product Management at Ultimaker.