The new Xtreme solutions are the result of an intense work by the entire Roboze team, that allow today to create a new line of systems able to meet the most extreme needs of our customers, offering greater versatility in the materials and accuracy of the prints, as well as better performance.

Roboze One+400 Xtreme, in particular, offers the great performances of Argo 500, production solution, in a desktop version.

12 technical and high quality polymers, including high temperature and composite materials, selected by Roboze with its partners, as a feedback to the main requests from customers in the market. High precision, in 15 micron, and an advanced electronic systems that makes this solution more productive than any other. This machine represents the evolution of FFF technology and increases the possibilities of use for our customers, thanks a wide range of super polymers, accelerating, at the same time, the ROI.

The core system of the Roboze desktop line evolves and improves its performance with new elements, capable to offer even more extreme performances.

The Beltless System is improved thanks to a specific technique that increases the accuracy, the corrosion and ware resistance, guaranteeing longer useful life of the machine and getting the machine precision up to 15 micron.

As equipped with the Support System Cabinet (SSC), aimed for the materials control, it is able to produce finished parts and functional prototypes with 13 high performing technopolymers, in order to satisfy the most Xtreme industry’s needs.

PEEK, CARBON PEEK, CARBON PA, CARBON PP, GLASS PA – the real printing versatility with a 300 x 200 x 200 mm (xyz) build plate.

With the new desktop/production series, FFF 3D printing will be no longer the same.


Ilaria Guicciardini - Marketing Director at Roboze

  • How does your 3D Printer distinguish itself from others of the same range?

Roboze One+400 Xtreme is a real game-changing solution. It is designed for bringing the production standards to a desktop solution with all the versatility of Roboze materials in terms of super polymers, high temperature and composite materials. Also the accuracy is not comparable with other systems. This solution is able to cover all the product lead time phases from the concept phase until the production. An all-in-one powerful solution with extreme performances from all points of view.

  • Which area of activity can take advantage of your 3D Printer?

The sector that we serve thanks Roboze One+400 Xtreme are aerospace, motorsport, oil&gas, plastics industry and manufacturing industry in general. Our customers have the opportunities to create a value in terms of cost leadership, differentiation, development of new production processes with competitive advantages for weight reduction, assembly consolidation, custom geometry, lower inventory costs, low batch production, faster market response, increased productivity, reduced waste and much more.

  • What’s the undertaking you can give to users of your system?

Roboze proposes itself first of all as a consultant and afterwards as a producer. Roboze solutions are, besides being the most precise in the world, customized to specific requests, especially from materials engineering point of view.

Our core business is the research and development of systems that can enhance and speed up the work of our end users, each of them in their own area of expertise.

By purchasing a Roboze solution, you do not have just a solution for your current needs, but it will always be open to new and interesting research results related to new materials and new applications.