DAGOMA, the French 3D printer manufacturer just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new 3D printer NEVA.

The company created in France in 2014 by two engineers, decided to set up in the United States through the launch of their second factory. The Kickstarter campaign of DAGOMA’s new jewel then aims at raising enough funds to launch the factory which will be based in Goleta (USA).

Speaking about the campaign, it is a pretty original one since it is presented as an advocacy. The printer introduces itself to Internet users, laying emphasis on its qualities and on the reasons why it would be interesting for them to contribute to this campaign.

And it works!

Indeed, launched a few days ago, the campaign aimed at raising $ 50,000, and the double has already been collected.

It should be said that DAGOMA has a pretty good reputation on the 3D printing market. More than 8000 copies of their former model of 3D printer, DiscoEasy200, have been sold. This allowed the company to position itself as a leader in 3D printing in France.

Technical side…

DAGOMA says its new machine is the simplest and most affordable 3D printer ever. The printer has a single button, a 3-in-1 switch allows you to turn on or turn off the printer, start printing, and pause printing. NEVA is a robust printer with print speeds of up to 80 mm / s.

For more details on this printer, visit the NEVA Kickstarter campaign.

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